Art Anderson Associates has served the nation's largest ferry operator, Washington State Ferries, on eleven contracts spanning more than 29 years. Our decades of experience and multiple awards for on-call naval architecture and marine engineering are a testament to the depth of knowledge and understanding we have of auto/passenger ferry vessels.

Recent tasks on our on-call contracts include designing heat recovery systems for the Issaquah-class ferries, drawing development for the M/V Chelan's fire fighting piping systems, electrical engineering support for the crew endurance lighting project and mechanical/electrical support for various tasks at WSF's offices.

Previous work for WSF includes development of trim and stability booklets for various vessels, propulsion control system replacement for the Evergreen State class, renovations to the M/V Hyak, and electrical engineering support for the Jumbo Mark II class. WSF continues to rely on Art Anderson Associates to provide high-value naval architectural and marine engineering services for its fleet.

Art Anderson Associates completed design of a new dredge vessel for Pacifica, a Seattle-based vehicle assembler. The 50-foot vessel was  delivered to a customer for gold dredging operations in the coastal waters of Alaska near Nome.

Our naval architects and marine engineers were engaged in December, 2011 to develop the dredge design concept in to a complete design for construction. In the first phase, we developed a computer-based model of the vessel based on the concept drawings, and employed the model as the basis for initial hydrostatic and weight calculations. In Phase II, we developed construction drawings for the hull and superstructure, and finalized the weight and stability calculations. In the project’s final phase, the team provided fuel, water and controls drawings and design support. The vessel was designed specifically to meet the unique requirements of sub-surface dredging operations in the remote coastal waters of the Bering Sea, and is powered by twin 300HP Yamaha outboards. It features a custom-designed bow for cutting through the rough seas and all pump, sluice and crane systems to conduct its gold dredging mission.

The project was delivered on time and under budget.

Art Anderson Associates has provided Homeland Security Implementation Engineering services for Washington State Ferries (WSF) since 2003. The initial contract grew out of the award of Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Port Security grants for pilothouse/engine room security enhancements aboard twelve WSF vessels and camera/physical security enhancements for five WSF terminals.  In 2011, Art Anderson Associates was awarded a follow-on contract that extends our exclusive support role through 2013.

The contract scope of work entails all consultant services for the design of an integrated access control and video monitoring (ACVM) system across both vessels and terminals, an essential factor in a coordinated security plan. Our team has designed surveillance, monitoring and recording equipment and software installations; intrusion alarm systems; access control systems; and overall integration with WSF's network. The work has also included vendor interface/support with the IT contractor, development and maintenance of a comprehensive equipment catalog, development of photo identification badges for all WSF employees, architectural/civil/structural design for triangle route terminal modifications, construction support during and after installation and participation in various meetings with vendor and WSF personnel.

Art Anderson Associates is the lead naval architect/marine engineer for the development of a 1,000 cfs floating surface collector  at the North Fork Dam, a facility that is part of the Clackamas River Hydroelectric Project, owned and operated by Portland General Electric (PGE). Our role spanned multiple phases, including concept and contract design.

For the concept design, we were responsible for defining environmental loading criteria, establishing structural criteria, preparing a preliminary structural design, estimating loading on facility alternatives, mooring/anchorage design and the preparation of all associated drawings and associated project documentation. Technical memorandums addressed environmental conditions, FSC loading, mooring systems, constructability trade-offs and belly tank design considerations. We were also responsible for preparing the weight estimate, hydrostatic analysis and other trim and stability tasks.

For the Final/100% design phase, Art Anderson Associates revised weight and stability calculations, prepared 3D models of the FSC structure and systems to identify interferences, and developed drawings and specifications for the FSC structure, bilge and ballast systems, sounding tube and vent system, HVAC systems, mooring design, and general arrangements. We also updated construction cost estimates to reflect FSC fabrication and assembly in a remote location, and incorporated all known assembly site development, mobilization, demobilization and site restoration costs.

During the construction procurement phase, Art Anderson Associates has been responsible for preparing responses to RFIs and providing technical support for contractor change orders.

Art Anderson Associates currently holds a construction management Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) contract with the US National Park Service (NPS), Pacific West Region. Under this contract, Art Anderson Associates provides Construction Management Representatives to manage NPS projects, serving as the technical liaison between the construction contractor, the Contracting Officer's Representative and the Contracting officer. Our Construction Management Representatives are responsible for ensuring satisfactory performance and delivery of the final product under the construction contract.

The scope of services on this contract depends on the specific needs of a project assignment, but include:

  • Leading pre-construction conferences
  • Assistance in processing and reviewing contractor shop drawings
  • Monitoring of contractor schedule and budget
  • Regular reporting on project progress
  • Processing Requests for Information (RFIs)
  • Technical inspections of work for compliance with drawings, specs and contract
  • Assistance in resolving project issues and construction/design deficiencies
  • Review and monitoring of contractor quality control program
  • Leading project close-out
  • Project claims analysis
  • Other similar services as necessary

As an indefinite quantity contract, projects are assigned on an as-needed basis. Tasks assigned on this contract include:

Hagerman Fossil Beds Boundary Fencing

This project involves installation, repair and replacement of 12 miles of smooth, barbed wire and split rail cedar fencing in Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument near Twin Falls, Idaho. Art Anderson Associates provided the services of a CM Inspector to review, monitor and inspect the work of the construction contractor for progress, workmanship and general conformance with the construction contract documents and permit conditions. Specifically, our Inspector was responsible for reviewing RFI submittals, developing and maintaining a submittal log, participating in the pre-construction meeting, inspecting the work during construction, reviewing and reconciling the contractor's QC reports for contract compliance, monitoring contractor's schedule, assisting in dispute resolution, confirming completion of the final inspection punchlist and ensuring that the contractor reports on its use of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funds.

Crater Lake Sewer and Water Projects

For this multi-project task, we provided Construction Project Management Services for two projects at Crater Lake National Park in Oregon. The first was replacement of the Garfield water tank liner and construction of new valves and water lines. The second was for construction of a new sewage grinder facility and modifications to the Munson Sewer Lagoon, including removal of sludge, deepening of the pond, modifications to inlet/outlet structures and installation of a liner.

Our primary role was providing on-site inspection and office services in support of the projects. Our on-site inspector participated in weekly meetings, prepared meeting minutes, performed and documented site inspections, and provided technical assistance and support to the Contracting Officer's Technical Representative. This support included drafting RFPs, preparing cost estimates, assisting in RFI processing, reviewing QC reports, verifying record drawing updates, assisting in dispute resolution, providing claims support and verifying all required O&M manuals, warranties, guarantees, and close out requirements are complete and in compliance with the contract documents.

Art Anderson Associates provided construction management services under a term contract with the US General Services Administration, Region 10 for the $20 million seismic upgrade/rehabilitation of the historic 57,000-sq. ft. Pioneer Courthouse in Portland, Oregon. Art Anderson Associates' Project Representative facilitated resolutions and served as the point-of-contact for all owner design and construction issues. We also performed site reviews and managed the owner's construction budget and all special inspector contracts required.

The project entailed replacement of the building foundation with a state-of-the-art base isolation system to preserve the historic 1897 structure during a seismic event. The friction pendulum isolators, used for the first time in the Portland area, isolate the building from the earth, allowing it to move freely in an earthquake.

Rehabilitation work included preservation and reconditioning of historic features, including light fixtures, intricate plaster work, woodwork, wood flooring and office fireplaces. All mechanical, electrical, data/communication and security systems were replaced. Exterior improvements included sidewalk, entry steps and stone wall restoration. The basement level was lowered and a secure parking area for federal judges provided. Mechanical/Electrical system startup/commissioning was included in our task order.

The project has received a number of awards for construction and design excellence. Some of these awards include:

Art Anderson Associates provided naval architecture and marine engineering services for Oak Management in the conversion of the ex-USNS CAPABLE (T-AGOS-16) to an ocean-going research vessel for the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), dubbed the OKEANOS EXPLORER. The converted vessel was classed as an ice-strengthened Survey Vessel by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS). It is the only US ship assigned to systematically explore our largely unknown ocean for the purpose of discovery and the advancement of knowledge.

Our initial tasking on this project was based on our extensive knowledge and expertise with the NOAA fleet. We prepared a detailed feasibility study of the ex-CAPABLE, working with NOAA to determine how the converted vessel would be outfitted and successfully fulfill its mission requirements. We were then tasked with follow-on work to provide the naval architecture and marine engineering services necessary to execute the conversion.

Our scope of work for the conversion included the engineering design and calculations for renovation of mission spaces, including new equipment foundations, lighting system modifications, electrical system modifications, new laboratory arrangements and fabrication of a new ROV control room console; design of new machinery foundations for the general purpose winch; fabrication and installation of a new J-Frame; electrical and piping modifications for the waste water holding tank; modifications to the ROV handling platform and track; and the addition of new scientific equipment to the main mast. Additional work involved naval architecture services to update post-conversion intact and damage stability data.

Art Anderson Associates was retained by the City and County of Honolulu to develop a demonstration intra-island ferry operation service on Oahu. The scope of work included carrying out the feasibility study, market analysis, environmental impact, assessment of public awareness, development of an operational profile, definition of suitable vessels, negotiation with potential operators, and monitoring of the project's performance for 12 months after the beginning of the operation. Art Anderson Associates was also involved with the funding process by reviewing and offering input to the City during the application process for federal funding.

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